Payroll services

What is in for you?

The most of the small or medium sized businesses spend too much time and money maintaining themselves the administrative burden of the payroll - instead of growing, expanding and making the business more profitable. We can help with:

- Preparation and registration of the Labor contracts;
- Calculation of all payroll data – salaries, bonuses, sick leaves, maternity leave, holidays – paid and unpaid, different compensations - according to the National Labor law;
- Provide payroll accounting for the temporary staff of the company;
- Submission of the sick leaves to the National Social Security Institute;
- Maintenance full records of the staff on the payroll;
- Secure and safe data storage of the payroll data;
- Registration of the employees with all the Authorities;
- Calculation of the taxes to be paid and preparation of the relevant payment orders;
- Providing the employees with the pay slips on a monthly basis;
- Acting as a first point of contact with the Authorities and representation of the company;
- Preparation of HR reports – interface between our payroll system and the accounting system of the Clients;
- Development of interface between ERP system of the Client and our payroll system for automatic upload and import of the accounting postings of the salaries;
- Civil contracts full maintenance.